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Eventor is Orienteering Australia's event, result and membership portal. The system is being continuously developed.

Personal Details

No offers or advertising from sponsors will be sent without a person's consent. Address details will not be provided to a third party without a person's consent.

Technical requirements

Eventor is built using accepted standards from W3C, and works together with all modern web browsers, including Firefox 1+, Safari 1+, Chrome 1+, Internet Explorer 6+ and Opera 7+. The latest version of each web browser is recommended for the complete user-experience!


Certain functions in Eventor require JavaScript to be activated in your web broswer. Many functions do not require JavaScript, but the user-experience will be better with JavaScript. It is therefore strongly recommended that you have JavaScript activated. Please consult your web browser's documentation in order to find out how to activate JavaScript.


Eventor uses small text files, so-called cookies, in order to facilitate your use of the webpage. The cookies used are session cookies, which save information about the pages that you have access to while you are logged in. If you choose to allow Eventor to remember your login, permanent cookies are used. Eventor also works with cookies inactivated. You can avoid using cookies by changing your web browser's settings. For more information on how to do this, please see your web browser's documentation.

Storage of personal details

The personal details that you provide here will be saved in Eventor's database, that is administered by Orienteering Australia. Your name and club affiliation will be shown publically on the Internet in startlists and result lists for any competitions you participate in. The date of birth and your neighbourhood of residence are visible when searching for duplicates. Other personal details are only available for yourself, your club's administrator and Eventor's system administrator, as long as you do not express your consent to the details being available publicly.

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2024 Australian Orienteering Championships